Shut down until MAy 4th

"Many people are losing the gift of income 

but are gaining the gift of time.

Now I know you can't buy groceries or pay a mortgage with time, but being in the salon isn't even an option for 75% of us.

If it's not an option, it is out of our control and we need to start working on what we can control.

For how long have you been saying,

"I would, but I don't have time."

We all do it.

Wish for more time with our kids, more time to connect, more time to get organized, read, work ON your business instead of in it,

educate yourself.

We've just been given that gift. 

Our pace of life got INSANELY fast in the last 10 years.

Always rushing to get everywhere.

Barely making time to eat, enjoy nature, read, focus.

That is our gift right now. Take it.

If you use this time wisely, your happiness and income will be improved once salons open back up. 

Use this time poorly and you'll be worse off than before it started.

Everything in life costs either money or time.

Right now you're rich in time. 

Use it wisely."

-Britt Seva

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 never too fussy. 

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