This "hair thing" started during my freshman year of high school when I ruined my bedroom rug coloring my own hair. I apologized to my mother for years. She ripped up the rug when I went off to college and I ruined the bathrooms there instead. 

Fast forward a few years, I am working at American Airlines where I met David. He did hair on the side - when he and I weren't getting yelled at for lost baggage. When I did my first "haircut" in my little apartment, he came to save my poor friend's hair... but he thought I had potential! So I enrolled at Leon's Beauty School at the ripe old age of 26...and Mom finally let me off the hook.

In my 6th year behind the chair, I took a class that changed everything for me. I found my people and I got the education bug. I became an American Board Certified Haircolorist in 2005. I got my Cosmetology Instructor license in 2007. Over the last 10 years, I traveled and taught hair color education to my fellow stylists - in my backyard and as far as Curacao. Yeah, Curacao!

While I had learned so much, from so many - incredible stylists, super smart cosmetic chemists, business geniuses, I realized I missed doing hair. So I came back behind the chair and opened White Birch Gallery Salon in November of 2017. I named it after the New Hampshire state tree. After traveling all over the place for work, living in 6 different states, I knew I wanted to land here in NH. The salon name is a little nod to that decision. And let's be real, decorating with birch trees, wood tones, and greenery is just about as cozy as it gets.



I want you to have killer results. 

I want those results to last as long as possible. 

I want the ingredients to be "good" for all of us. 

But salon chemicals are crazy complicated.

I do not green wash or believe in marketing hype. Clean beauty, natural beauty, organic beauty, etc. are buzz words that are not yet legally defined like they are in the organic food industry. Anyone can claim anything...for now. In the meantime, be careful about what you use and don't believe everything you read. If you have sensitivities or allergies to salon chemicals, but don't want to give up on your hair completely, there are a lot of options and I will help you navigate.

The color and hair care products I use, personally and professionally, are from industry manufacturers who are responsibly balancing it all - through giving back, sustainability, solid performance, and safety. 

(They also smell great and look pretty-not a crime!)

I really love connecting all of the science-y stuff with the arts-y stuff. I can bring your hair color to life and craft your haircut to look polished and chic, yet lived-in and effortless. It's not just about hair you can live with, but hair you can fall in love with.